Welcome to Apis Bullies the Gods of the XL Bullys. We are located in the beautiful state of California making our kennel easily accessible to San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas, an our neighboring states Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.
We specialize in the XL blue bullys and Tri colored bullys with size and color without sacrificing health, temperament, and function. All of our dogs are UKC registered. We are dedicated to bettering the breed and the reputation of the Pitbull by producing the very best quality puppies by selectively breeding for excellent temperament, superior intelligence and health, a natural working ability, and of course for monster size with super model looks.
All of our dogs have came directly from the most renowned XL Bully dogs and bloodlines in the game. Our quality of dogs are second to none as we strive to bring together all of the qualities in our dogs that a good pitbull breeder would. Not just by the looks an color you want in a dog but also personality, function, temperament, and intelligence. All of our breedings are carefully planned taking into consideration all of these characteristics.
If a dog is not breed worthy due to poor temperament, poor disposition, or poor quality that xl bully will simply not be bred. Being a dog lover at Apis Bullies is not a pastime, it’s a way of life. All of our dogs are and can be raised in a family environment with children and also do well in multiple dog homes. People say children shouldn’t be raised without dogs but we believe dogs shouldn’t be raised without children. All of Apis Bullies puppies are raised around children since birth and are well socialized all the way up until they leave our home to join you and your family. We can ship anywhere in the United States as well as word wide as well.
Every one of our XL Bully Pittbulls in our yard lives a quality of life that most dogs an even some people probably dream of. We are passionate about everything related to dogs an we are grateful for the joy they bring to our lives. We do everything possible to provide them with a good life complete with a great diet, a clean living Apis Bullies - Gods of the Bullies 2environment, and daily exercise and play times. An active busy dog is a happy dog with less behavior issues and bad habits.
Welcome again to Apis Bullies an please feel free to contact us about any inquiries on dogs, current or future breedings, or about future puppies. We are not just here to sell you any dog. Caring for you as the customer is the upmost importance to us here at Apis Bullies. We want you to have the dog that you actually want so if you do not see what you are looking for here at Apis Bullies please feel free to contact us so that we can re fer you to another quality breeder that can assist your with the look and style that you are looking for. Thanks Again!
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