So vet just called an Evo’s progesterone test came back an ULP Legion x RCP Evo will be going down this Wednesday. For those of u that have been around an know how this combination works u will already know what this is about to create. Legion an Diva created Odd Job, Solomon, Frank Sinatra, Kane, an Kronos when this blood was brought together last time. Evo is a direct 2x Diva daughter so doubling up on the Diva an bringing her to Legion was a no brainer. Shes also a Tri so 50% of this litter will be Tri’s as well. These bulls will be short, wide, an Bully as hell! We are going to be dropping bombs 💣 all 2019 Like we said. Huge shout out to my good friend Andres Agapito for another bad ass collaboration. As always I greatly appreciate it fam! For pricing an availability please feel free to pm me.

For those of u who keep asking what ULP Cyborg aka BJ looks like the only pup from the first ULP Juggernaut x RCP Cream breeding here u guys go. As u can see he’s dope af! An this is exactly why we had to do the repeat. If u like what u see please feel free to hit us up we still have a couple spots available

I would like to officially introduce our pick male pictured at 7weeks ApisBullies UnderWorld off our breeding from ULP Jugg x RCP Cream in collaboration with my good friend Andres Agapito. This boy is everything I wanted out of this breeding an some more. Everything about him is just crazy! You guys will be seeing an hearing allot of this boy here in the near future

ULP Legion
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Height: 18inches

Weight: 90 LBS

RCP Evolution is simply amazing an one of the most amazing females I have ever laid my eyes on to date. From her smashed muzzle to her crazy spread an overall just plain bully look this girl is almost perfection in my eyes. She is off of the famous mac 10 daughter Diva x Radric an is IMO an even better version of her mom. I truly cannot wait to put this girl to the test.

ULP Juggernaut x RCP Cream pups are here!! Nothing else needs to be said! Either u know an u know or u don’t an u will Feel free to contact me about pricing an availability.

Name: RCP She-Thing

Weight - Growing

Height Growing

Age: 16 weeks old

She-Thing is pick female an the only pup born from RCP Odd Job x RCP Trifecta (Odd Job x Lilo) She is currently still the very first an only pup is the world with her ped being a direct 2x Odd Job pup so we are super excited about that. She still has allot of growing to do but she already has that signature Odd Job spread that we love.

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Height: 19"

Weight: 93 lbs

Head Size:

Age: 8 months old


HCBs Tri Me is nothing short of amazing at only 8 months old. The bone, spread, an overall girth on this girl at her height is very impressive not to mention her pedigree is truly one of a kind. She is truly a female version of her dad ULP Solomon an will play a major role over here at Apis Bullies in the near future

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Name: RSBs Lexy

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 20inches

Age: 3 years old

Lexy is off of ULP Juggernaut x RSBs Bella (a Kong daughter) so u know nothing about this girl here is small. Her bone an spread is amazing. I can’t wait to put this beautiful girl to work!

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Name: Whiplash

Weight: 100+ lbs

Height: 21"

Age: 8 months

Stud Fee: Closed to the public

BamaBlueBullies Whiplash is first pick male out of the breeding ProBulls BamBam x Big Mama (a Terrorist Threat daughter) This boy is short, wide and compact. He’s simply huge with a big beautiful blocky head. He is going to play a huge role with us in the next year or so.


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