Wonder Woman

Name: Wonder Woman Weight: 115 lbs Height: 19″ Wonder Woman just touched down at the camp earlier today. When i tell ya’ll shes a straight SheMale i mean this bitch is BULL! I cannot believe how wide she is. I was already excited for her but after putting hands on her an seeing her in person i am over the top for the future of this girl. Big shout out to the fam K.G. Harris for letting us pick this girl up an the easy an smooth business transaction. I greatly appreciate it homie πŸ’ͺ🏽. Stay tuned cause we got some majoy plans for this girl πŸ˜ˆ We gonna kill the game with this one 
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ULPs Solomon x RCPs Evo


ULP Solomon

so we all already know he produces bulls.

Evo is off of RCPs Radric x RCPs Diva.

This is 2x Diva, mack10, Juggernaut, Odd Job, Solomon, Syndrome, Legion ALL UP FRONT! Evo is literally Bully from head to toe no matter what angle u look at her from she’s the truth an is also a Tri so this will be a full Tri litter.

This will be next level!

These won’t last long so get in where u fit in Big shout out to the homie Andres Agapito for another bad ass collaboration!

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