So vet just called an Evo’s progesterone test came back an ULP Legion x RCP Evo will be going down this Wednesday. For those of u that have been around an know how this combination works u will already know what this is about to create. Legion an Diva created Odd Job, Solomon, Frank Sinatra, Kane, an Kronos when this blood was brought together last time. Evo is a direct 2x Diva daughter so doubling up on the Diva an bringing her to Legion was a no brainer. Shes also a Tri so 50% of this litter will be Tri’s as well. These bulls will be short, wide, an Bully as hell! We are going to be dropping bombs 💣 all 2019 Like we said. Huge shout out to my good friend Andres Agapito for another bad ass collaboration. As always I greatly appreciate it fam! For pricing an availability please feel free to pm me.

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